Friday, September 21, 2012

Dashboard Danger

Sure, texting while driving is bad, but not nearly as offensive as dashboard snowbirds.

Can we also start a coalition against the Christmas tree air fresheners? One sharp turn and those branches could poke an eye out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The September Issue

People say I look like Alan Cumming.

But Alan Cumming looks like Anna Wintour.

Do I look like Anna Wintour?

If so, I must grow my bangs and diet before Halloween.

Daddy's Girl

On Katie, Jessica Simpson shared a photo of her baby in a bikini.

She's gonna be one Joe of a mother.

Voters Stay Informed

Peru was fun. But with the elections less than two months away, going abroad is not worth missing every beat of news.

Dear Hiram Bingham...

More pasty people journal at Machu Picchu than an indie coffee house.

I regrettably forgot mine.

Eat Mor Alpaca

I don't usually boycott countries, but when they adopt Chick-fil-A font, there must be consequences.

Priceless Knowledge

Being one of my first jobs out of college was California Pizza Kitchen, this article got me angry.

I couldn't have been hired without a liberal arts degree. I had to memorize eighty-three menu items, and know the origins of jicama.