Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On The Street...Layered Knits, Florence

When The Sartorialist posts photos like these, who needs online porn?

Keep 'em coming, Scott.

Homeo & Juliet (new episode alert)

J.Ro & MP talk comedy with the inimitable Danielle Stewart.

JetBlue, EnvyGreen

Why wasn't I on this flight?

This scenario seems tailor made to serve as a chapter in my memoir.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Magnolia Make Out

A rainy Sunday in Los Angeles makes a single man horny.

Luckily, I found somebody to make love to.

Foxy Single Lady?

Friends With Kids appeared to be a realistic look into the lives of marrieds and singles.

Until Megan Fox shows up, wandering aimlessly around Central Park, without a boyfriend.

The Movie Event Of My Year

Last week, millions pre-ordered tickets for The Hunger Games.

I pre-ordered tickets for The Lucky One.

Betty Crocker's Account

Last week, Kimmy K was flour bombed by a spectator on the red carpet.

The perp told officials she was seeking the approval of Jon Hamm.