Thursday, November 4, 2010

O How I love G

Today was Part 2 of Oprah and Gayle's Camping Adventure.

Just when I think I cannot possibly adore Gayle more than I already do, she lays another golden nugget.

Gayle: 'I'm spoiled and I make no apologies for it.'

Oprah: 'I'm not spoiled.'

Gayle: 'Oh, Oprah, Please!'

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hero of the Week = Trump

Last week the Donald returned to The View, 20 points, to talk about possibly running for elected office, 80 points.

Just when we're popping steriods over Schwarzenegger's final pump, the Gods throw us this wig.

After the first commercial break, Trump switched topic to Celebrity Apprentice and how smart Lisa Rinna proves to be on the new season, 100 bonus points.

May his campaign slogan be 'You Can't Trump This!'

The Ultimate Haikus

Many Romaniacs have written in to proclaim my picture and quote for Tourism Australia's contest wasn't very inspired.

So once more I humbly plea to the Harpo gatekeepers to find an extra seat on Johnny T's jet.

To show my Quantas spirit, I've decided to post a few Haikus about my love of Australia, Oprah, and life.

Travolta and Gayle
Oprah's best friends are so great
We will all Bondi

Kangaroo by me
Oprah with a koala
outback memories

Sydney skies glow great
With Oprah there we debate
will they glow greater?

I like Opera
But heart the house of Harpo
Down under dilemma

*Below I've attached a few more haikus inspired by recent Oprah episodes.

O-Dog Haiku - November 2nd Show

Ricky Martin, yes!
Oprah, she bangs brilliance
Upside, inside out

O-Dog Haiku - November 1st Show

Portia a Princess
Oprah a camera queen
Truth and beauty shine

Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Day

To all my facebook friends, only celebrities can convince fellow Americans to vote. If your name isn't Christina Aguilera, I'm not persuaded by your 'remember to vote' newsfeed plea.

Regardless of what Christina or you tell me to do, I'm heading over to Carmel Assisted Living tomorrow to punch some holes...because I have a crush on Gavin Newsom.

Bloody Bloody Patrick Bateman

Every year I suffer dread around Halloween. For someone as theatrical as myself, I have a hard time committing to a costume.

But this year all that changed. Next to Clay Aiken, the celebrity people tell me I look most like is Christian Bale.

After a few hours with corn syrup, red food coloring and extra firm hair gel, I was ready for my reservations at Dorsia!

Call me overtly Method, but when I commit, I don't just stare at it, I eat it.