Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Girl 3

Yesterday at 2:49pm, while skipping to improv class, a swarm of bees tried to Macaulay Culkin my ass. One succeeded, stinging my forehead.

At first the puffiness made me appear freshly botoxed. But the next day I awoke to this.

(Warning: graphic material not suited for most Romaniacs)

I had morphed into Tom Cruise (in the second act of Vanilla Sky).

Such is the fate of twenty nine year olds who don't have day jobs.


  1. HOLY SHIT, this is not funny, but I am laughing!

  2. Jason! I love your blogs/posts. I am reading all of them right now and I am just laughing!! Sorry you got stung by the bee, but your commentary is great!!! ~Stephanie Wong Coleman