Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Ultimate Haikus

Many Romaniacs have written in to proclaim my picture and quote for Tourism Australia's contest wasn't very inspired.

So once more I humbly plea to the Harpo gatekeepers to find an extra seat on Johnny T's jet.

To show my Quantas spirit, I've decided to post a few Haikus about my love of Australia, Oprah, and life.

Travolta and Gayle
Oprah's best friends are so great
We will all Bondi

Kangaroo by me
Oprah with a koala
outback memories

Sydney skies glow great
With Oprah there we debate
will they glow greater?

I like Opera
But heart the house of Harpo
Down under dilemma

*Below I've attached a few more haikus inspired by recent Oprah episodes.

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