Monday, October 4, 2010

Look Who's Talking Now

It's been almost a month since the farewell season premiere of O-dog, and I've stayed mum...until today.

I cannot and will not accept my not being in the audience on September 13, 2010 when John Travolta scooted out on a make shift Quantas jet as Oprah announced she was taking the audience (consisting of her ultimate viewers) to Australia...with her and Johnie T!

I sent in a flowery and fervent application to the Harpo squad in which I regaled them with my love for Oprah, Gayle, Nathaniel Berkus, Dr. Oz-Phil, ect. I told how I used 'The Secret' to raise 6,000 dollars for my APLA AIDS marathon, I even bragged about my homemade Oprah Christmas tree ornaments. How could she not want to spend ten days eating vegemite with me?

O-dog, as you read this, know I am not blaming you...but someone in the Harpo compound is not doing a good job executing who, and who does not, make the cut when it comes to the phrase ultimate viewer.

I will not take this lying down under.

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