Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's totally worth the $2.99

Being a celebrity is hard...

...especially when you are a comedian / writer / renaissance man to boot. This week In Touch features my quotes in the Style Slip Ups weekly review. For Amber Rose (I don't know who she is either), I offered witty one liners such as 'Color Me Badd,' and 'Banana Boat should pay her.' Yet according to copy, I wrote 'This is totally going to give me nightmares.'
Thanks In Touch, I totally need to read gayer than I already do.
(As far as Cleopatra Kelis (top middle), I wrote 'Pyramid 54' & 'Do You Remember the Time?' Though both quotes are clearly genius, neither were inked; consider it an Emancipation extra.)
Regardless, pick up this week's I.T. to get a lil extra J.Ro in your step.

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